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Reborn - Miura Haru - #3 Doublespeak

Fandom: Reborn!
Character: Miura Haru
Theme Set: Set 6
Prompt: 3. Doublespeak
Rating: T
Word Count: 850ish

“What's this sticky white stuff on Haru's hand?! Gokudera-san, you pervert!”

Flushed (LOST - Richard/Juliet - Wine)

Title: Flushed
Fandom: LOST
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Richard Alpert/Juliet Burke
Theme Set: 3
Prompt: Wine
Rating: G
Word Count: 718

She was fairly certain she was, in fact, a little flushed...


Title: Mildred's Charm
Fandom: Worst Witch
Character: Mildred Hubble
Theme Set: 3
Prompt: #1 Happily Ever After (Mildred/Merlin)
Rating: G
Word Count :428

Attending Algernon Rowan-Webb’s class had been the highlight of the young wizard’s day. 

Worst Witch - Mildred Hubble - #2 Animal

Title:Predator and Prey
Fandom:The Worst Witch (Weirdsister College)
Character:Mildred Hubble
Theme Set:3
Prompt:#2 Animal (Mildred/Hobbes)
Word Count:171
Notes: Also used for fic-a-day challenge at fic_on_demand 


Predator and PreyCollapse )


Worst Witch - Mildred - #3 Wine

Title: The Experiment
Fandom:The Worst Witch
Character:Mildred Hubble
Theme Set:3
Prompt:#3 Wine (Mildred/Ethel)
Word Count:545
Notes: This story set when Mildred is attending Weirdsister College (4th season of the tv series) - Also used for June's fic-a-day challenge at fic_on_demand .


The ExperimentCollapse )


Fic - Avatar: TLA - Toph, Iroh - iron

Title: iron

Author: honestly_sangi
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Character claim: Toph

Prompt: 5_loves; theme set: 2, prompt: iron

Word Count: 903

Rating: PG/K

Characters: Toph, Iroh (gen)

Author's Notes: Finally finished my claim. Hopefully I will have more time to write this summer.

( "I hate the lotus tile," she mumbles as she turns it over in her palm.)


Title: truth
: honestly_sangi 
Prompt: 5_loves; theme set: 2, prompt: truth
Word Count: 1520
Rating: PG/K
Characters: Toph/Sokka
Author's Notes: This oneshot did not turn out the way that I planned it to. That, however, is not necessarily a bad thing. Section titles are from the song Falling From Grace by Agnès Milewski.

( On an Earth Kingdom ship, the widow of Avatar Aang makes her way to Kyoshi Island. )

Series: The Five Lovers of Rosalie Hale.
Title: Incomplete Satisfaction.
Fandom: Twilight.
Character(s)/Pairing(s): James/Rosalie, Mentions of Bella Swan, Emmett Cullen, Edward Cullen.
Rating: PG-13.
Spoilers/Warnings: Twilight.
Author Notes: Right...random idea after watching the Twilight movie last night. Plus I've always wanted to write James/Rose. XD.
For: 100_tales, Prompt: 96. Writer's Choice. [Table]; 5_loves, Prompt: 01. Eletricity. [Table]. Thus ends the Five Loves of Rosalie Hale series.
Previous: Jasper Hale; Jacob Black; Edward Cullen, Emmett Cullen.

(Incomplete Satisfaction)